What are the functions that don’t automatically inherited from the base class?

The functions that are not inherited from the base class to the derived class are constructors & destructors. These two are deal with object creation and deletion, so they have knowledge about their particular class.

There is another function operator=, which is also not inherited by the derived class. Because it also behaves like a constructor to create the object.

Let us see the below example that the functions that are synthesized by the compiler.

The output of the above program is

Inheritance and static member functions:

The static member functions behave like non-static members of the class
We can inherit them into the derived class. If you redefine a static member, all the other overloaded functions in the base class are hidden.
3. If you change the signature of a function in the base class, all the base class versions with that function name are hidden.

NOTE: The static member functions cannot be virtual.